Deconstruction -

From Old House to New Lot


What is deconstruction ?

Deconstruct an older home, in an environmentally friendly way, and gain a new buildable lot. It’s easier than you think. And we can help you. Cairn Custom Homes has partnered with Second Chance to provide this valuable, cost effective and socially responsible service to those interested in acquiring a lot through the deconstruction of an older home. Not only is this practice ecologically sustainable and environmentally sound, it comes with tax incentives as well. The lot will be given new life with your new custom home built upon it.



We will assist you in finding properties that qualify for deconstruction and make sure that the lot is fit to accommodate your new custom home. You will purchase and close on the lot before deconstruction commences. Working along side Second Chance, we will coordinate the deconstruction of the home and any salvageable materials will be donated to Second Chance.